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Webcast with Louix – 17 Aug 2017

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Questions Answered:

  1. I have been having severe food allergies for a few months. I have done lots of healing with various healers on past lives, ancestral, emotional imbalance from the past traumas, art of surrendering, relationships with my body, and inner child etc. I have had some miraculous breakthroughs these past two weeks in that I was able to eat some protein foods to nourish my body although I am still reactive to many kinds of food. I would appreciate it very much if you could share his insights on what else I should be doing to heal this physical ailment of mine. Thank you so very much!
  2. With my upcoming military service, should I receive vaccinations? I can feel that wounded part (martyr) saying ”it’s ok I am used to it” or something similar. On the other hand, what I am doing is purifying and raising the vibrations of the 4 bodies. I don’t want to have something like that to take me back. To struggle again to reach the vibratory level that I am now.
  3. The second issue is that during my service I don’t think that i will have much time or any time to meditate. So I have these 2 concerns I will say since I am in search to heal that very old wound of worrying and suffering. And of course, I am coming at the feet of master for guidance. With my eternal gratefulness and love.
  4. Sometimes I find myself running low on compassion and patience with my young child. This happens particularly if I am feeling worn out and tired, or if I am feeling depressed. How can I clear myself of negative feelings while I am with my child who needs constant attention?
  5. From the perspective of the soul, is burial more beneficial than cremation? And what are the pros and cons of these two methods from and earthly/ecological point of view?
  6. I have noticed that when I light a candle on the altar the energy shifts. I can feel more of your presence, and I feel that the home is being overlit by your light and love. Could you please tell me if that is a true perception? Could you please talk about the effects that ‘burning’ candles and the presence of pictures of Masters, Avatars and Saints can have on a home? Thank you.
  7. I Have found myself at times being in a state of bliss. I look at the sky, the houses, the sofa, and I become blissed out from the joy and love. I find that my ego voice starts saying things in order to take me out of that joy. Things which are based in self judgment, thinking about other people’s opinions, unworthiness, low self esteem, condemnation…  I felt that gravity pulling me downwards to that state of separation by stimulating all these unloving patterns, impressions, and memories.What is the best way to stay in bliss regardless of ego distractions? Do I just keep practicing the teachings?
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