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Webcast with Louix – 20 Jul 2017

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Questions Answered:

  1. I am a very emotional person and at times struggle to concentrate and do things when I feel very emotional. I make time to process a lot of feeling. How do I strike a balance between processing my feelings, doing what I need to do (like going to work, etc.) and avoid indulging in some emotion? What are the signs that someone is indulging in feeling and not transmuting/processing their negative feelings appropriately?
  2. I recently became aware how much I have been detrimentally affected by my inner critic. What can You recommend as a way to be free of this debilitating inner voice.
  3. I find it easy to be creative in cooking and drawing, but with music (which I most love) I struggle to create music of my own. Why is this so? What do I need to address within myself to be able to free up that creative aspect of me?
  4. At what point during someone’s spiritual training should they do a vision quest? Does the master direct the disciple to do it, or does the disciple ask the Guru and then they direct and overlight it? I don’t really understand what vision quest is, but from your stories of being in desert for 40 days alone. I can see that it is all about facing your inner fears and resistances out in nature. Please correct if i am wrong.
  5. I know there is a lot of controversy around abortion, and while I don’t like abortion, I feel empathetic to women who feel they need to have one, for whatever reason, and I know how difficult the decision is. I also feel that likening abortion to murder is unfair and places unnecessary guilt and shame on these women. Am I wrong? Is there a better way to discuss the topic, so as to acknowledge the reality of what abortion is while also being sensitive to the women faced with this difficult choice?
  6. I have felt so much better since meeting You and with Your amazing assistance and guidance and grace, my life has turned around. Now I have a beautiful life and I can see an even brighter and more beautiful future. Can You let everyone know about what is possible by following Your teachings?
  7. Could you please explain more on the topic of polarity in the spiritual sense. What are the things that one may do which help lessen the gap and what are the things that widen the polarity in our life?


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