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Webcast with Louix – 28 May 2020

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Earth’s Rainbow Chakra Cleanse guided meditation.

Questions Answered:

  1.  I have attended several New Year’s Eve Retreats and was wondering what some of the benefits are in attending them? Also, what sets the NYE Retreat apart from other shorter retreats and even coming to see you for darshan?
  2. I am reading Through Time Into Healing, which is about past life regressions for healing. Why aren’t people healed in the astral realm between lives?
  3. I am often accompanied by Sai Baba in my dreams. Why is this so, and why do I cry even when I think about this? 
  4. I have heard you say you’ve prescribed celibacy to very few people on their spiritual journey. Why is this so?
  5. One of my massage clients cries nearly every time he receives a massage from me. Are emotions stored in the body? Can a massage be used as a tool for clearing negative emotions from the body? Is there any particular style of massage that you would recommend for healing?
  6. Why do some people “get it” and some people don’t?
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