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Webcast with Louix – 11 June 2020

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Louix begins with toning.

Questions Answered:

  1. I have an addictive personality and have used food and alcohol to suppress my emotions. My grandfather was an alcoholic, my father is still a heavy drinker, and both my parents were heavy smokers when they were younger, so I know that my addictive personality has been part of my family history (and passed to me). I have been able to manage my addictions and function in society. Why is it that some people can’t or won’t manage their addictions, and allow themselves to be driven by their addictions? For me I know I gained discipline and structure from school by playing in the band, and playing sports as a teenager which helped me to discipline myself so that I could manage my addictions.
  2. I recently came out of a period of what I could describe as survival mode. Now it’s not like that, but I notice huge levels of anxiety inside me. What do you recommend for this anxiety?
  3. What is the dark night of the soul?
  4. What I think will make me happy always seems out of reach. Am I supposed to just accept defeat and live unfulfilled?
  5. Being competitive with others sucks. Sometimes it shows up in me and I work hard to let it go. Do you have any tips for helping uproot it?
  6. Dear Louix, are goals important? Is it good to be specific and write them down?
  7. How does ego fit into the ascension process? Is it our friend or foe… how do we utilize it with grace?
  8. Could you please elaborate on what you mean when you refer to God? Are you referring to a Christian God, a Yogi Master, or something else? 
  9. I have recently been in touch with an old “lover” and am not sure it will be a good thing as I know it is just about sex. I am actually hoping that the catch up will make me feel better as I have had no action at all. 
  10. Is waiting for a man to come along and love all my children as if they were his own an unrealistic goal? I am worried that any relationships with men will jeopardize my children’s safety and wellbeing.  What is your advice with dating when you have children already?
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