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Webcast with Louix – 24 Mar 2016

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Questions Answered:

  1. Discourse on the nature of the scandals the public figures have to endure. The why and wheretofores’s.
  2. Discourse on the scandals that Guru’s endure: who starts most of them and why? (Without telling and particulars of the stories themselves, but more the nature of the dynamic.)
  3. In the past I have served a lot (at work and within my spiritual community), to a degree where I felt like I did not have balance and I did not do enough for myself, or really see people. I did this for a number of years. Later I realized the driving force behind this was to make me feel like I was worthy and deserving of God’s love. At a certain point I realized this distortion and then I pendulum swung to being very covetous of my time and wanting to control how much I take on so I don’t end up the way I was those years before. Now, whenever I am asked to take on more, my first feeling is one of panic, resentment, and resistance (and did I mention CONTROL!) I need some help with this – both the way that I’m viewing this situation, and how I can create the balance with what I want in my life while still doing what is being asked of me.
  4. My sister is an alcoholic who has been struggling with alcohol for years.  She has been through rehab, AA, sober living, counseling, and many other programs.  As her family, we have tried talking with her (intervention), begging her to go back to rehab, but she says she would rather die than go to rehab again and that it’s just not for her.  She clearly isn’t ready to get clean. I have continued to see with my Kinesiologist (Dr. Stenbeck) and received other spiritual counseling to do the work on myself and my relationship with her and I know there are larger karmic forces at play that I don’t comprehend.  I continue to pray for her many times a day, do reiki on her, and I have done my writings and other emotional work to detach and let her go.  However, I still feel heartbroken and devastated to see her self-destruct. I do not know how much longer her body can endure the overload of toxins she is putting into it and thus how much longer she will be on the planet.  What else can I do to help relieve the pain and desire to want to change and help her?  Is there anything else I can do?
  5. It seems to me that asking God what He/She wants and obeying what answers we receive is the real, honest life. If we are not doing that are we living in delusion?
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