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Webcast with Louix – 10 Mar 2016

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Began with a meditation (Cleansing-calming meditation)

Questions Answered:

  1. I have a question, I will try to broaden it out a bit so that is can be relatable to more people if this question were to be published on your site… my question is: Can people who have metal in their body due to accidents, or even people who have parts of their body missing, or is defective somehow, still attain self-realization? Can we still have kundalini awakenings? Does the body and its state dictate the life force movement or flow, does it harbour it in anyway? At 47, we stop producing the life giving hormones so beyond that age is it too late to resurrect the Christ within as the body couldn’t take as much Light and power when you are younger. So when you’re young does it matter if you have pins or plates in your body or defected body parts? Thank you I offer you my thanks, love, and enthusiasm at your holy lotus feet. NAMASTE.
  2. I feel my mind going around in circles about problems within my family and this morning in meditation I received one of your messages of ” Be the change you want to see in others”, my question is how do I keep in alignment with my soul when I feel my ego still wants to be the loudest and the one who is right?
  3. How does one know the difference between processing ones’ emotions and self-indulgence in one’s emotions?
  4. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed to affect any real change regarding the environmental crisis, especially over large corporations like Monsanto that are doing so much damage. I do small things in how I live my own life regarding the products I buy, recycling, conserving water, & reducing waste. Are those things enough? Are there other things I could be doing to help save the planet/oceans/ice caps/forests/bees?
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