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Webcast with Louix – 21 Jan 2010

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Questions Answered:

  1. In my dry country garden I have several nests of Jumping Jack ants. I am allergic to the bites of these aggressive ants yet I do not wish to poison them. (Yes, they do run at one and jump on one’s boots and clothing to attack.) Have you any suggestions as to how these insects could be encouraged to “move on” to some other place?
  2. Are ‘Holy Wars’¬†ever justified? Is any war ever justified? Is it ever appropriate to go to war?
  3. Do You condone exploring your sexuality before marriage, or should this be confined to married couples only?
  4. As a teenager, even though I had many issues to deal with, my views on life were much simpler and I felt a lot clearer. Life was just less complicated than now. Why is that so? How do I best un-clutter my consciousness and tap into that child-like view of the world?
  5. I suffer from severe depression. Should I take anti-depressants to counteract this?
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