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Webcast with Louix – 14 Jan 2010

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Questions Answered:

Started with toning 21 Ohms which lead to a discourse on sound and its healing effects

  1. Sometimes in meditation, I might breathe out and forget to breathe in, then become aware of it and snap out of my meditation. I ask myself “Why?” and feel the answer is that I need to do regular yoga breathing exercises to train my subconscious to better look after my breathing when I meditate. Have you any further advice?
  2. Having consumed vast quantities of drugs and alcohol in my life but over twenty years ago now, I am wondering about the possibility of completely purifying myself from their effects on all levels of my being (which I believe and have faith I can).
  3. Group dynamics can and do so greatly magnify energies. Can you comment on the benefits of being with loving people and its importance in our lives, especially regarding acceleration? 
  4. I have suffered from painful migraines for most of my life, how can I make them go away?
  5. How can I convey to my sister the ill effects of administering pharmaceutical drugs, especially to her children?
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