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Webcast with Louix – 20 Jan 2011

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Questions Answered:

  1. I have heard that a Master can see the full Divinity and all the un-manifested gifts and God’s blue print in each person, as well as the distortions and inauthenticities. Could You share about the beauty you see in us and how we can find and see that in ourselves?
  2. Certain plants and weeds have destroyed large areas of native vegetation and rendered the land useless. Sometimes, where such weeds cannot simply be pulled out of the earth or burnt off, is it appropriate to use chemicals in this situation to reclaim the land?
  3. Can you please explain the significance of your recent pilgrimage to India? What was the highlight of your trip?
  4. What is the best way to move through fears that arise when one encounters an energy that one perceives as negative and/or hostile, especially when that energy is in the non-physical realm?
  5. I would really like to become a vegetarian, however, my doctor has advised me that I am anemic and need to eat red meat. Is it possible to be vegetarian and not become anemic and iron deficient? Are there some people who really need to eat meat?
  6. Often I will sit upon Mother Earth and feel her loving healing energy.  While sitting there I surrender my distortions and ask her to transmute these from me. Does this pollute or harm her in anyway?
  7. Since I¬†installed a good water filter, I have been giving my dog filtered water that is chlorine-free, too; and she drinks more. I am thinking my veggie garden, too, would benefit from chlorine-free water, but am concerned about the environmental cost of more rapid filter replacement. Please share God’s guidance.
  8. Regarding the euthanizing of aged and or infirm family pets: How can one best intuit when an aged or infirm family pet is asking to be euthanized? Can You explain on how the euthanizing of a family pet can be held as a Sacred Ceremony?
  9. I have heard that staring into the sun can damage the retina, yet recently I also heard from a friend of mine that it can be a spiritual practice. What do you think?
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