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Webcast with Louix – 3 Mar 2011

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Questions Answered:

  1. How can I clear residual pain from heart ache from a relationship?
  2. How do I live from my heart and not from my head? Aren’t they supposed to function together?
  3. I have to get root canals and crowns for my teeth. Will you also help me to understand the emotional reasons that would have brought this circumstance to me?
  4. Why do Governments continue to fluoridate the water systems?
  5. I have been vegetarian for more than 15 years and Vegan for nearly 8 of these. Because of my deep connection with the animal kingdom, any cruelty that I see or hear about can send my whole being into despair. I do allow myself to cry sometimes, but do I need to be more detached?
  6. I am finding that I am experiencing more and more waves of Divine Bliss/Shakti and am finding myself becoming very ungrounded. How do I maintain this wonderful experience, while simultaneously functioning effectively in the world?
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