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Webcast with Louix – 19 Sep 2019

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Louix starts with a Sun Chakra Cleanse Meditation.

Questions Answered:

  1. I can barely comprehend how I lived and survived before, without love. Do we carry many other people with us as we live our lives in God, and love?
  2. My granddaughter is four, and when I was visiting her recently she was jealous of me because I was taking away her mother’s attention. My daughter is now pregnant with a second child. What is the best way for her to introduce the new baby to the first child? Also, why did I create this situation, and what do I need to learn from this?
  3. Many people don’t believe that the spiritual vibration of something can be changed, and just rely on their view of the world being of the five senses. How do I describe my experiences of spiritual energy to such a skeptic?
  4. What is the best way to deal with shared finances in a relationship (like or equivalent to marriage)? Would you recommend a prenuptial agreement before one gets married?


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