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Webcast with Louix – 18 Mar 2010

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Questions Answered:

  1. I have both experienced and witnessed life without discipline and thus seen the waste and ravages of this. How does one create more discipline in one’s life to avert such pitfalls?
  2. I am seeing, feeling, hearing, and even touching and embracing Angels and Masters (and especially Your beloved Self Prananandaji) as daily experiences now and I am so grateful for this. Is this how life will increasingly be experienced by those who live here on Mother Earth?
  3. I have heard and read about Your disciples making do with less sleep. I suffer from chronic fatigue brought on by the stresses of holding my husband in unconditional love. Since the New Year’s Eve Retreat I have been rising early to do the prayers, Pranananda Aums and hour-long meditations. Is it possible to eliminate chronic fatigue with meditation and Sacred Breath? Have you any other cure for chronic fatigue, particularly the mental block and amnesia? Can you cure me, please?
  4. What is an alternative to antibiotics for my sick child?
  5. Does every soul have a Guru, and how does one know when they have found their Guru? Are there some criteria that determines that?
  6. I have always been drawn to the ocean. Are there benefits from being close by and/or being in the ocean?
  7. What is the spiritual significance of Obama being elected into office at this time?
  8. What are the effects to a fetus from ultrasounds and other invasive procedures that occur during pregnancy?
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