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Webcast with Louix – 17 May 2012

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Questions Answered:

  1. I have my own business doing massage; I have struggled financially, at least in part due to a lack of self-confidence, and lack of trust that clients will want to come back to me. I usually feel too embarrassed to even ask clients if they want to re-book, and even if I know they have had a wonderful session and want to come back, I think that some other circumstance will prevent them from returning, such as lack of money, or being too busy, or just forgetting about massage. How can I gain confidence in relating to people?
  2. Recently my son has been caught lying on several occasions, and, after explaining to him the seriousness of this, I have implemented that if it continues he will lose something that is very special to him as a consequence. Then a few days ago an incident happened where I am certain he stole something, though he denied it to my face. I gave him a talk about the consequences of stealing, which he was not very open to hearing, and made him return the item he stole. What upset me more than the stealing, however, was that he had looked me in the eye and sworn on his life that he had not done so. I have had a lot of emotions come up since this incident, including grief, anger, and fear (fear of what the future may hold; feelings of inadequacy as a parent), and have struggled to show unconditional love and support to my child since these issues of trust and betrayal have arisen. Can you please advise me how to best handle the situation?
  3. Can You see if someone will become enlightened in their current embodiment?
  4. What exactly is an enlightened being?
  5. Could You highlight the key differences now compared to how You were before enlightenment?
  6. Is it possible to achieve enlightenment by pushing all impure thoughts from your mind and keeping your words and deeds pure, without psychologically going through all of your past issues?
  7. While giving darshan, what kinds of things do You experience and see from your vantage point? Is there anything You can share with us that might better help us understand Your point of view from Your chair?
  8. Could You please explain what ┬áthe I AM presence is and why it’s important in our spiritual growth and upliftment? Could You share with us some important “I AM” mantras that we should incorporate into our everyday lives?
  9. I find it easiest to connect with God when I’m alone. When I’m around people, I find I get distracted and lose the depth of my connection. Why does this happen and how do I foster the same connection with God I feel when I’m alone when I’m with people all the time without becoming introverted or ignoring the people around me?
  10. While I was visiting one of Your ashrams, during morning meditation I had a few moments where I heard everyone’s thoughts as if they were speaking out loud. What is this called, does this happen to You and can it be shut on or off at will? Is it often that people say one thing and feel another?
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