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Webcast with Louix – 17 Jun 2010

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Questions Answered:

  1. My son (who was 3 at the time) asked me a few weeks before he left his embodiment to burn his body when he died. After his sudden passing, which I was not expecting at all, I was very grateful to have received this request from him—as from past experience I knew I would not have coped with a burial. Could he have made the request for cremation of his body to make his transition from the physical world to the spiritual world easier for himself, as well as for me?
  2. Why is there such a high degree of infidelity in partnerships and marriage in today’s world?
  3. The word Shakti or Shaktipat is used a lot by Your disciples and many have these experiences quite often. Could You please define what it is and why some people get it and others do not?
  4. I have watched many disciples having huge Shakti experiences that transport them into realms of ecstasy and joy. Is there a method by which one can open oneself to this experience or does it just happen spontaneously?
  5. I am not sure how I feel about preventative health measures like pap smears, breast and prostate checks, colonoscopies, etc. The practice seems to be fear-based. What is Your advice around this issue?
  6. Can You please explain the spiritual practice of fasting one day a week?
  7. As fossil fuels decrease, transport will be affected. What can we do to help bring forth the solutions to this?
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