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Webcast with Louix – 16 Jun 2011

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Questions Answered:

  1. I know that You offer many tools for growth and transformation, and that You sometimes also ask people to see psychologists. What should a person look for in a therapist to help them with their childhood issues? Are there particular types/styles of therapy that You recommend?
  2. How much influence do the planets have on us?
  3. Is my pattern of sleeping at the wheel a slimy way of committing suicide or an unconscious death wish?
  4. I have heard You say that the fastest spiritual growth comes from diving into situations that feel most uncomfortable, because that is where we are furthest from God. I have also heard You say that if we do not like the circumstances in our lives, we can change them by making more loving choices. How do I know if I need to stay in a particular situation until the circumstances shift, or if I’m suffering unnecessarily and could choose a more graceful path?
  5. My dog has three noticeable lumps in her body which don’t appear to affect her. The vet told me they are quite common, and benign, and nothing to worry about. Is it possible that, because of her enormous love, she is transmuting toxins from myself through her body?  If so, is there anything I can do to help her body through this process?
  6. What is Pranayama?  And is there more than one type?
  7. How can I let go of neediness so I do not feel so empty and fearful when I am alone?
  8. I have heard that the past, present, and future are all happening simultaneously. Could you please explain what this means?
  9. I suffer from migraines. My belief is that if I have a build-up of anger, then the migraine acts like a “safety switch” which helps me discharge a lot of negativity and toxins from my body and consciousness. I have been able to lessen the effect of a migraine by allowing myself to cry while I have the initial symptoms. Are there any other practices I could do to lessen the amount and intensity of my migraines?
  10. I have had a habit of avoiding confrontation and challenging situations where I need to speak up. It is easier for me to act when I have had time to think about a situation and respond rationally. I worry that if I act “in the moment” I would do or say something out of anger and inflame the situation. Should I just take the risk and make my “mistakes,” so at least I have the habit of speaking up and accept that I will not always speak lovingly? What can I do to give myself courage to speak up? I tend to get terrified when these situations occur and my inclination is to just “clam up” and not speak.
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