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Webcast with Louix – 14 Oct 2010

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Questions Answered:

  1. Can one be too sensitive to the plight of our animal brothers and sisters in this world where many seek to harm them? Or is this simply my journey to further open my heart?
  2. Can you please explain the significance of the feet of the Guru?
  3. Please explain how and why discordant music, such as heavy metal, affects us negatively?
  4. Why do we have nightmares? Are we more likely to have them when we are at a young age during the final stages of our separation from God?
  5. Is the soul always whole and pure, or can it be harmed, or fragmented in anyway?
  6. Is crying always healing?
  7. How can awareness of death shape the quality of my life?
  8. How do I overcome my fear of speaking up when I know what I have to say might not be welcome?
  9. How do you learn to re-parent your inner child as an adult when lacking of positive role model as a child?
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