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Webcast with Louix – 7 Oct 2010

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Questions Answered:

  1. You promote community living. What are the benefits of living in an ashram, especially Your ashrams?
  2. Without the gift and grace of a loving and living Master, how much (or little) chance do people have of becoming enlightened?
  3. What should I do when I’m feeling such a big resistance to what God is asking of me?
  4. Can You please give guidance in creating affirmations? For example: To break an addiction to laziness, I composed the affirmation “I habitually make good use of my time”. Can that be improved? Are there better ways to help transcend addictions? 
  5. What are the health risks of taking birth control pills? What are the health risks of long term usage? (A similar question was asked on 15 October 2009 – but it did not address this specific topic in great detail)
  6. My sister met a man; they felt a strong connection straight away and both felt they had met their soul mate in the other. Very early on in the relationship this man spoke that he could see them having a child together. He has 2 young children from a previous relationship and struggles financially to send them to the private school his ex-wife insists on them attending. After a few months, he became adamant that he did not want any more children, although he still very much wants to be in a relationship with my sister. My sister feels torn between the love and compatibility she feels with this man and her yearning to have her own child (she has just turned 40). Can You please give a spiritual perspective on this situation?
  7. Is it possible to attain ones highest spiritual development simply through meditation and prayers?
  8. In reference to a quote I came across: “The path is smooth, why do you throw rocks before you?” Why is it that we do?
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