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Webcast with Louix – 4 Jun 2015

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Questions Answered:

  1. My husband has been gaining weight, and having difficulties at work, and is generally unhappy. I have encouraged him to do things like exercise and meditation, but his efforts have been half-hearted, and he is very depressed. When I approach him about these things he often lashes out verbally and we fight. How can I help him if he doesn’t want to change?
  2. Ever since I was married, my mother-in-law has disapproved of me and treated me badly. I have tried everything to win her approval, but nothing has worked. My husband defends her and denies that she treats me badly. I feel alone, and can’t bear to spend another holiday with my in-laws. I want very badly for us to get along, but I am not sure that will ever happen. What should I do? Is it wrong to want to refuse to visit her anymore?
  3. When I turn on the news and see all the natural disasters and conflict around the world, I wonder how I can be better prepared spiritually and psychologically to handle whatever comes?
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