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Webcast with Louix – 22 Oct 2015

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Questions Answered:

  1. I am in a little bit of a pickle with a certain person to whom I have invested a lot of money with who is conducting himself in an unethical manner in terms of broken promises, breaking agreements we have in place, manipulating the situation to suit himself and saying one thing and doing another to name just a few, this despite all of my attempts to deal with him myself before handing it on to lawyers so to give him every chance to conduct himself in the correct fashion under the spirit of the agreement, but it seems now I’m not left with much choice as we have come to the end of the road, something that I wasn’t expecting nor wanting obviously.

    Now I know we draw unto us what I soul needs in order to transcend separation and refine parts of us that need refining, including becoming greater and greater love in spite of our circumstances and also not to buy into the illusory tests that come our way as they are accelerated learning devices to help us transcend our limitations etc. However, despite all this I feel myself getting very angry with this person, which is perfectly normal as long as I’m not projecting it on to others or this particular person which I understand and am practicing.

    What is some advice to master the situation navigating between not allowing myself to attack this person and defend myself, which is ego dominated thinking I know, (btw this is something I really want to do by the way to be completely honest as it has been rising up a lot lately in me like revenge for example which isn’t healthy) but also standing up for myself in a healthy fashion because in the world of business and investment, there is a whole lot of ego to deal with, not discounting my own that slides out of the cage every now and then, but how does one keep the lid on and see this test through with love and forgiveness in my heart but at the same time not allowing myself to let the situation consume me as there is one thing to surrender it to God but there is another to actually deal with it to honor my incarnation, meaning taking care of business and not allowing myself to become door matted as that doesn’t serve myself or this person, but I find this narrow bandwidth of learning difficult to manage at all times. I know for sure you will have some great advice here. Many thanks in advance.

  2. In my life I have been very selfish, controlling, verbally abusive to others (especially those closest to me), and lived much of my life as a victim, blaming everyone else for my problems. Since progressing on my spiritual path some of these traits have lessened, but they still rear their ugly head when I feel afraid or threatened. I read that these are the traits of a narcissist, and when I learned that I became very depressed. I feel ashamed of these traits and feel that they make me a horrible person.  I want to heal and become a better person, and by doing so heal the damage to my relationships.  What is the best way to make amends when you have been so difficult and horrible? How can I ever love myself again?

  3. Does meditation dissolve or remove karma in any way? At what point in one’s practice does this happen, and (if it does) why?

  4.  If we are truly immortal beings, then why do we need to have physical bodies, with all the suffering and delusion they entail?

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