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Webcast with Louix – 2 Oct 2014

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Questions Answered:

  1. I often feel like I do not know who I am and at times I feel fake. While my general way of being remains fairly constant, my likes and dislikes have changed dramatically and I’m starting to feel like there may be no limit to me to define me. Every time I think I know who I am, with time it has changed. I have gone through a stage where I was living almost an Indian lifestyle and at that time thought it was the right path for me, which eventually fell away and then I was onto something else feeling the exact same way etc. The same with my music tastes, my strong moral views… In each of those moments I felt like I was being myself, but ultimately it was a phase that passed. Who am I?
  2. Ever since my divorce, my three-year-old has been extra needy for attention, and often throws temper tantrums if I do not respond to his needs quickly enough.  As a single mom, I am really struggling because I cannot spend every waking hour playing with him and catering to his every whim.  I am really trying my best, but I need him to learn to be just a little bit more independent so that I can take care of my other responsibilities.  Do You have any suggestions on how I can be there for my child during this difficult time, and also help him to be more independent when I need to get things done?
  3. I have been on my spiritual path for some time and when I look back at moments when I was able to surrender my worldly desires to God/my Higher Self, those moments usually came after intense periods of suffering, and they felt as if something in my ego just broke, and it did not feel like a conscious choice that I made.  How can I improve this process? Is there a way to surrender without all of the suffering? Are there things that I can practice to improve my ability to surrender, to make it more of a conscious choice?
  4. I have a family member who is falling back into drugs and alcohol. What can I do?
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