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Webcast with Louix – 19 Nov 2015

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Questions Answered:

  1. I have had an issue that continues to resurface. I find it very difficult to be around people who are very negative, gossip and say hurtful and mean things about others as well as being unforgiving. I sometimes feel physical pain in my heart, deep sadness and intense anger at their level of hurtful and dark ways of being. I find myself asking within “Why can’t they just be more loving?!” I have spoken out at times, only to become the target of their negative energy. Can you please offer some guidance to help me get to the source of this wound, resolve it and accept things as they are with more love and compassion?
  2. Most Beloved Pranananda, I have been in the experience of being mainly in what I can only describe as an undisturbed space.  I have not been experiencing great emotional highs or lows like I have in the past.  I do have emotional releases and old conditioning arise, but they are very fleeting and not my usual state of being, like in the past. There is always an underlying state of peace, calm, and equanimity. Life just feels a bit stale sometimes compared to before?  I am not complaining, just curious. Will I once again taste the richness of life as I did before or is this just a state of being that I will have to adjust to? Thank you for your love and guidance.
  3. The western world seems to be going mad in debate over refugees from Syria and other war torn countries trying to relocate to other countries. Here in Australia it is sparking intense responses from people, both wanting our country to help, and, in others, terror that we will be “letting terrorists in.” There is an escalation of hatred and fear around this. I find this circumstance very upsetting because, while everybody argues, people are dying and being treated like they are not even human. Can you please help me to see this situation from Divine perspective and also tell me what I can do within myself on the ‘nothing outside of self’ level to help this situation, being that I currently am not in a position to assist these people physically.
  4. In my work life, whenever I feel as if I don’t have enough work, I feel bad about myself and blame myself, believing that my perceived shortcomings and flaws caused the lack of work. I have also noticed that I bounce from this extreme to the opposite: where I have too much work and struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance. It is clear to me that my ego is invested in and defined by my perceived success or failure in my career, and it also seems to me that when I feel like a failure at work I indulge in a self-pitying form of self-sabotage, but then when I feel successful and have lots of work, I push myself too hard and burn myself out, a different but equally destructive form of self-sabotage. I feel as if these insights put me at the precipice of transcending these patterns, but I still feel like I am missing something, that there is some aspect to this pattern that I am overlooking. Is there another piece to this puzzle? Are there some tools that I can use to better live in balance and to cleanse my egoic attachments to work and career?
  5. I have a very difficult time sleeping at night. I am a very light sleeper, and often times I can’t sleep even when it is quiet. I can’t seem to shut off my mind. When I wake up in the middle of the night it is difficult for me to go back to sleep because I start to worry that I will be tired tomorrow and that I have not gotten enough sleep. It is exhausting and really affecting my health. What can I do?
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