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Webcast with Louix – 17 Sep 2015


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Questions Answered:

  1. Can I ever get over the loss of my child? I have been suffering for 7 years now and I still cannot stop crying and missing him. I literally feel devastated. Namaste
  2. You said once that the secret to romantic relationships is putting God first. I have a difficult time with the idea of God, and have really resonated the idea of God as infinite love. I understand that it is important to put my spiritual practices first, but I consider my relationship with my wife as a big part of my spiritual practice. Can you be more specific of how would I put my pursuit of becoming more loving before my relationship, and possibly some examples of how I would be doing the opposite, putting my relationship before my spiritual pursuits.
  3. I have heard advance Yogis can transcend or stop their breathing. Is this true? How is this possible? Can anyone attain this?
  4. Can one achieve a feeling of joyful bliss in deep states of meditation? What would it take for one to achieve this?
  5. Recently I was in a relationship with someone whom I feel is a perfect match for me. Going into it, I feel as if God came first; however, over time it became more about her and ultimately things did not work out. How do I know if or when my mind is making that switch, and how do I work with this so as to not make those same mistakes in the future?
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