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Webcast with Louix – 13 Aug 2015

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Louix opens the evening with a discourse on fasting. He covers specifics such as:  why we fast, benefits of fasting, colonics, supervision, juices, smoothies, work etc.

Questions Answered:

  1. I am very shy and have a difficult time with social interactions. I feel very uncomfortable in group situations, and less so one-on-one, however I wouldn’t say that those interactions are easy either. How can I overcome my intense shyness?
  2. Why is it that whenever a spiritual community is mentioned in our media ie television shows, movies, news etc, it is automatically assumed to be a cult and bad. I realize there have been “cults” that have gotten bad press in the past, but what is a cult really? And why does it seem like our culture is so unwilling to accept the idea of a spiritual community being anything other than bad?
  3. My experience has made me conclude that goodness does not always pay in our dealings with people. What is the use of being good and doing good when goodness is not recognized and properly rewarded?
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