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Webcast with Louix – 12 Jan 2012

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Questions Answered:

  1. The more I cry and surrender my heart to my Guru, the more I am able to love myself. It allows me to have a direct experience of the truth rather than an intellectual understanding of the truth, and attunes my heart to receive the love that is always available. Could you please share how God presences himself when we are willing to surrender to His almighty love?
  2. At the start of the year my romantic relationship ended and while mourning the loss, I was crying most days and I felt quite open and grounded. What happened next was I had no ‘place holder’ man to replace the love of my ex partner and my mind went insane. This started the beginning of the intense neediness. I feel okay after I cry, but other than that I have been feeling like this all the time. I find it extremely difficult to concentrate, my mind being constantly distracted by finding someone to love me. I feel like a stranger when I am like this, even while doing mantra, singing, speaking affirmations, and invoking Your love. How do I get through this as the dog wagging its tail instead of the tail wagging the dog?
  3. On this spiritual path I have become more sensitive, especially sensing not so good energies in certain places, and also when I am around some people I feel what is happening in their bodies and this can make me feel sick or have diarrhea.  Can you please explain more on the subject of sensitivity and what I can do to be more able to handle these occurrences?
  4. After Your New Year’s Eve Retreat, many of the attendees, including myself, became very ill.  Is there a spiritual reason for these illnesses?
  5. Often times I find myself not wanting to experience Your Shakti, and I close myself off to having that experience.  Many times I think that if I have the experience I will get sick afterwards. Obviously I have some resistance to the experience, but I do not understand why I would be resistant to this when I know that it is the best thing for me.  Why would I be resistant to this experience, and how can I overcome this resistance?
  6. Why did some of us disciples create living on the other side of the planet from You, and others living with You?  Do those of us who live far away from You miss out on anything? If we chose to have an embodied Guru in this life, why did we choose to live far away from Him and not be in His physical presence?
  7. I have noticed that when I feel a lot of Your love I tend to feel romantic and sexual feelings toward You.  Is this just a phase that I am going through because I am trying to find another way of loving You, but don’t have anywhere else to put it?  Is this a part of the Divine Romance?  Will my experience change over time; is this something that I will grow out of?
  8. What are the tools that we need to move through 2012 as gracefully as possible and to deepen our faith?
  9. Lately I have been seeing shimmering balls of light around me. What are these lights?
  10. Often I have situations occurring in my life where other people are receiving the credit for something that I may have said or done, or where I have been misrepresented or misquoted. I feel frustrated and at times annoyed that this is happening because it also doesn’t feel right to say anything because I feel petty. There is obviously something to learn from this. Can you please help me to understand what these issues are?
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