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Webcast with Louix – 1 Oct 2015

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Webcast began with a meditation titled “Peaceful Lagoon”

Questions Answered:

  1. My husband struggles with control issues and has very strong opinions on the way his home environment should be. He wants everything to be a certain way. We decided to get a dog 4 months ago, and he picked out the breed to his tastes, but now that the dog has grown up he has become upset by the dog and claims that it is taking over the house. He decided that the dog should stay mostly outside, which is not my preference, and when it is inside it is to be confined to a small area of the house. In deference to my husband’s feelings, I have taken to dog to a trainer and kept up his training, and by and large the dog is very well behaved, although he is still a puppy and not without accidents and incidents. Recently I went away on a trip and came back to find the dog confined to a very small area on the side of the house, and my husband who was fed up with the dog insisted that the dog live there permanently. I strongly feel that this is inhumane to the dog and would rather give the dog to a family who can give him a better life that keep him cooped up. My children and I love the dog and have become very attached. We don’t want to give the dog away, but my husband says he can’t live with the dog any longer. What should I do?
  2. I have had a long-standing pattern of believing that making enough money to live, let alone being really abundant, is difficult and requires long hours, hard work, and wearing myself out. I grew up with a father who worked exceptionally long hours every day of the week, he was also emotionally distant from me, so perhaps part of this pattern is still coming from a desire for his approval. Even though of course, it doesn’t make him happy to see me struggle financially now. Recently my income has been reasonable, but I have created having a partner who is in need of support financially at present time, so I am still left short of fulfilling basic needs. I would be very grateful for any further insights and guidance.
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