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Webcast with Louix – 1 May 2014

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Questions Answered:

  1. What can we do if we are feeling afraid for our own safety?  I am thinking especially if we might live in an unsafe area, an area known for its violence. Not everyone is able to simply leave an area, perhaps due to their having limited funds, or there may be other reasons why they stay in an unsafe area. What can we do to help ourselves cope with such dangers so we can feel as safe and peaceful as we can?
  2. Sometimes while in meditation I visualize the violet flame spinning in and around me, clearing and cleansing my body and aura. Although I cannot feel which way the energy in my chakra spins, I have always wondered if spinning one way or the other would benefit me more. Can You please explain to me which way the energy in our chakras spins? Does it matter which way I spin the flame in meditation? From left to right or right to left? Does spinning either way hold any particular meaning and value?
  3. I find that a change of routine can, at times, throw me into total confusion. It feels like when my routine changes I am not in control. Sometimes when I am driving in an area that I am not familiar with I can also get confused and get lost. Can You please explain the cause of confusion and how I can be more clear in my mind?
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