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Webcast with Louix – 3 Dec 2009

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Questions Answered:

  1. Late one night a friend and I had a most extraordinary experience. We witnessed strange bright orange/red lights which traveled very slowly across the sky not too far above us. These bright lights travelled in pairs and all travelled across in the same flight path. There were 3 sets of pairs and then a single one. They all disappeared when they went across the top of my house. This entire experience lasted about 40 mins. I experienced both feelings of great awe and wonder at what I was seeing and I also felt fear within of not knowing what these lights were. Could you please share any insight into what it was we were experiencing… and do You have any advice of what one should do when one is having such an unusual other worldly experience?
  2. In my meditation I often receive guidance and messages, is that me, God, or Guru?
  3. My child is often angry, how can I help him release these feelings?
  4. My teenage child is constantly rude and defiant. How can I best discipline him and keep him safe? I worry that he may just run away and live on the street.
  5. What is the best music for spiritual practice?
  6. My wife and I have not conceived and we have been trying for years. We do not wish to use IVF. What can we do to conceive naturally? (End of video is cut-off – Audio is complete)
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