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Webcast with Louix – 09 Feb 2017

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Questions Answered:

  1. I have a family member who follows a spiritual teacher whom I believe is a charlatan. This teacher instructs his followers to confront the people who make them feel uncomfortable to resolve a situation. I see that this becomes a process where the family member “blames” the other person for how they feel. The family members have tried to get me involved in some of the intra family conflicts but I have said they are crazy and have my own conflicts with them. How do I best deal with a situation like this? In the past I have been very judgmental of the family members who blame everyone else for their problems.
  2. I have recently returned to work on a part time basis after having my baby 12 months ago. Generally he is fine when I leave for work as he is with his father. However, if he realizes or thinks I am leaving he will cry out for me. Sometimes I say goodbye to him and tell him I am going to work and that I’ll see him again soon, other times I will slip away while he is distracted or sleeping.  Could You please offer guidance on how to make sure he is ok with me leaving him with his father while I work? Incidentally, this time alone with his father has greatly deepened their bonding.
  3. I have had longstanding issues of being boastful and arrogant. With awareness this has diminished over time but it is still an issue for me. What is at the core of this behavior so I can fully address it?
  4. Can you explain the sayings “My life is not mine.” or “My life is none of my business.” It sounds like you just give your life over to God and are now a puppet doing whatever “someone”(God) wants you to do. How is that appealing to a spiritual seeker?
  5. What are some of the biggest obstacles we face on the path to Self-Realization?

Louix ends the webcast with toning the universal sound of joy “Hu”

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