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Webcast with Louix – 16 Feb 2017

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Questions Answered:

  1. I have heard of the importance in spiritual teachings of living from the heart, and following the heart. Recently I have been having new understandings of my life and upbringing and experiences of the mind. I am wondering if you can explain the significance of the mind on the path to God?
  2. I have been dating recently after ending a long term relationship. I explain to my dates that I like having a lover and intimacy but not a long term relationship. Which is what I have created, with a few nice dates and then the relationship finishes when my partner wants a long term relationship. Is it possible to have an intimate and passionate relationship without it being long term? If so, how? Also, the spiritual practices I have been doing have opened me up emotionally. Is my own emotional volatility (and depth) affecting my relationships so that only people who can manage a big emotional roller-coaster can really be a longer term lover with me?
  3. I have been having migraines recently and I know that they have been caused from me not allowing myself to emote deeply. In the past I have been able to lessen the effects of a migraine by crying and allowing my emotional body to thaw. Once I have a migraine what would be the best way to lessen the symptoms and to more accept the meaning of why I created the migraine in the first place.
  4. Dear Louix, I used to try and avoid a part of my life (to play and/or follow football) and dismiss it as trivial. Then I had this revelation recently that it was speaking to me all along to help me to feel, and from a seeker’s perspective to recognise my projections and wounds. Can You help me through Your insight to feel more self-love and acceptance about this God given interest and love for football.
  5. As you know I don’t have any kids, but I have 5 nieces and one nephew. As much as I love them all, and they love me too. It’s hard to hide that I have a favorite. At some stage I even refused to recognize it, but I was lying to myself. Yes I think about this niece more often, I enjoy talking to her on the phone more, and although I make an effort to not show it, everybody knows that she’s my little favorite ever since she was a baby. Now she just turned 18 and I had a great time Skyping with her on her birthday. Is this something I should make a deliberate effort to change?
  6. I am curious about what happens to us when we die. In other words what happens to us in between our incarnations?
  7. Do we determine the speed of our own growth?
  8. Please tell us about the role Ascended Masters play in our lives. Do they come to only those who request them, or does the earth as a whole benefit?
  9. Can you please explain why community is important for a person’s growth? What happens to individuals spiritually who choose to isolate themselves from community or choose to be a lone wolf?


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