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Webcast with Louix – 8 Jan 2015

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Questions Answered:

  1. I believe in all of the spiritual, environmental and physical benefits of a vegan diet and ate that way for a few years.  Over the last year I have been to a kinesiologist and naturopath for myself and my older son who has tics, focus and behavior  issues.  The naturopath has the same philosophy as You do on vaccines and medication, believing they are toxic substances and has my son on a special diet to detoxify the aluminum and other heavy metals from his liver and other organs causing issues.  The diet she has him on is a Paleo diet, with meat, vegetables, fruit and no grains.  She told me today that the perfect diet was one that had meat, vegetables potatoes and then use the bone to create broth.  She said she was a vegetarian for many years but then learned the perils of not receiving the proper amino acids which could lead to premature aging, weight gain among other issues.  She said raw milk and cheese contain many beneficial enzymes.  I am so confused as there is so much conflicting research about what we as humans should be eating in order to be healthy.  Obviously, most experts are in agreement that fruits and vegetables are highly beneficial and processed foods, animal products with hormones, antibiotics and confined in small cages should be minimized and/ or eliminated.  But the meat and dairy is controversial and the research is mixed.  Another kinesiologist we go to believes in eating for your blood type, which for me being blood type ‘O’ supposedly means meat is medicine for me but not good for my husband and son who are type ‘A’.  I have to take an amino acid supplement because I just consciously cannot eat beef- I look into their eyes and I see a soul.  And the naturopath says my son should be eating meat and that grains which are converted into sugar promote poor gut health and interferes with his nervous system and thus will exacerbate his focus, tics and behavior issues.  On a spiritual level, I don’t want to eat meat nor have my son eating it and I’m hoping this is a short-term diet while we detoxify his body. However, these different doctors and research have me completely perplexed as to what is the right diet for me and and my family.
  2. I recently had a Soul Retrieval process done on me through a Shaman.  I was intuitively called to reach out to him after dealing with this particular issue for months.  He helped me to see where the issue was started in me and why I was having this dilemma with this particular soul.  It was a beautiful experience and helpful for my spiritual psychic healing.  What is your perspective on these and can we learn to do them on ourselves as we evolve? I am learning how to connect with Ascended Guides and Masters in meditation.  I notice that I may not get the download from them until later when my body and mind is able to integrate the information into my system.  As I continue to connect with them, will I eventually be able to communicate instantly like an open dialogue?
  3. My friend is going through a very challenging time at the moment. I have been sending lots of prayers and distant healing to her and her family. My question is how important and how effective is the power of prayer and the distant healing?
  4. Why is it that we have such a strong desire for the things that bring us harm?
  5. I struggle with creative blocks frequently.  I love to express myself artistically, but very often I feel stuck and I get depressed.  I feel as if my ideas are worthless and wonder why I even try.  Weeks or months go by until I feel inspired again, then I have a period where things go well, but inevitably I become stuck again.  How can I get through this?
  6. What is the easiest method of developing devotion?
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