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Webcast with Louix – 7 Nov 2013

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Questions Answered:

  1. When I pray, I cannot hear or feel any response from the Divine.  Sometimes I feel foolish, like I am wasting my time, but I very much want to deepen my relationship with the Divine.  I don’t expect to hear an ethereal voice in my mind, but I want to feel something when I pray, some connection that helps me feel closer to God. Can you suggestion some methods of prayer that might work better for me?
  2. I am a single mother of a 15 month old. In order to meet my financial obligations, I need to work about 10 hours per week. I have the opportunity to work casually from home and aim each week to work 2 hours each week day. As soon as my daughter has her daytime sleep, which is once per day right now, for 1-2 hours, I very quickly jump onto the computer to work unless I feel God is asking me to do something else, like cry or scream, or cook/clean, etc.  There are two people who have offered to spend time with my daughter each week, for a total of around 4 hours, during which time I also work. My daughter is sleeping less and less during the day and I find it difficult to fit in the 10 hours per week. I am also not finding ample time right now to source myself as most of the time I have “alone,” when she is asleep or with another person, I work. I am starting to feel very tired and worn out and it is affecting my state of mind and my moods to the point where I sometimes don’t have the energy or patience to be fully present with my daughter because I am so worn out, and I am finding myself getting triggered very easily with her and I have recently displayed anger with her and around her. I know something has to change within me in order to find balance. Most importantly, I know I need to continuously release the rage inside of me that is triggered by being a mother, and at the same time surrender more completely to motherhood and give up the fight that I have had, and acknowledge all that I do have. I know all of this, and then there is the practical aspect of needing to work and pay bills. Please, Louix, help me to better understand my current circumstances.
  3. Could You please talk about suggested breathing techniques to deepen meditations? One teacher said to just sit and be open – without expectations.  Yogananda writes, as best as I can remember, that that is a detour and a time-waster. How does one best approach meditations?
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