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Webcast with Louix – 7 Jun 2018

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Louix begins with toning.

Questions Answered:

  1. I have experienced first-hand the craziness of the mind, depths of despair, and the horrors and traumas that can consume people. I know it is possible to live a happy life by being willing to cleanse and purify ourselves, and be accountable for our lives, and to forgive others and ourselves. With You it is possible to experience the grace of God, and to feel Your love. I hope those who hear this and are feeling down can take comfort and find assurance.
  2. I have read studies where emotional turmoil and negativity can adversely affect the development of an unborn baby in myriad ways (i.e. negativity and depression in the mother can influence a child to have similar patterns of depression; fear and anger in the mother can influence a child to have patterns of anger). Some teachings even say that strong emotions such as grief or rage can cause a miscarriage due to the effects it has on all the levels of the person. From your teachings, I know it is extremely important to process emotions–feeling is healing. How can one safely process strong emotions and feelings when one is pregnant without causing harm to the child? Should one try to focus on creating joyous feelings and calm as much as possible?
  3. I have been trying to clear, heal, love and resolve an issue of mine. Whenever I have meditated on Love, God, Guru, peace, etc. I have had a spontaneous thought of stabbing whatever is God/Love. Whenever this happens I say “Cancel”, recite Archangel Michael’s prayer for protection again–as I say it before the meditation as well–and refocus on the meditation. This disturbs me because it has occurred so often. I have no malicious feelings that go along with this spontaneous thought or visual. What may be important to know is I used to have nightmares when I was a child about getting stabbed and dying. These were recurring, but stopped when I was in my teens.These thoughts or visuals of stabbing will even enter my consciousness when I am not meditating and involve me getting stabbed. It doesn’t usually involve me stabbing unless I am meditating on God/Love. I would love your thoughts on this and insights as to why this happens and what I can do to resolve it.
  4. I am pleasantly surprised by the beautiful new friendships I am having. On a daily basis I am engaging with others on a free-flowing, intimate, and joyful basis. It’s the case of instant friendship. What is happening!?
  5. How does visualisation work and how does it benefit us?
  6. Six years ago, I shared a household with a person, who made it a practice to bully everyone around her. I had never experienced bullying in my personal life, until this happened. I know on many levels I chose the situation, and needed the lesson, or I would not have had the horrible experience. Normally I would pack my suitcase and leave on the spot, but I did not, because I knew I was there for a reason. When, and at what point, do I address the person who practiced bullying on a daily basis?
    I chose to find the reason rather than to step into victim-hood. Why did I attract this person into my life? I was so eager to write to the bully, but I could not, because I was still enraged. I felt to address my issues first with a psychologist, and now, after four months of intense releasing of my anger, I can feel more peaceful, and more compassion for the bully. Is it much better, much healthier, to wait until I have healed completely BEFORE I address the bully?
    It is rather strange, because I do not feel the impact of the word “bullying”, and prefer to say, that the person was acting under a lot of stress herself, and therefore she felt powerless, and she had the need to overpower and bully others.
  7. I heard you talk about how the karma incurred by gossip can be greater than that incurred from killing someone. Why is gossip considered so evil?
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