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Webcast with Louix – 7 Apr 2016

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Questions Answered:

  1. When you were presencing the masters, what was it like? You mentioned that they also materialized often, can you share some of those stories?
  2. I see so many people looking outside themselves for things they think will make them happy. I even see many New Age teachers with best-selling books, on how to get the girl, how to get the job, how to get more money, that promise to make you happy. You teach that happiness can only be found and attained within. Can You please explain what that means and how to go about that?
  3. To what degree should I be living in constant self-analysis? I have been working with the idea that all of physical reality is a reflection of my consciousness. Sometimes I find this leads me to feel like I have to be serious all the time. For example, if a phone call disconnects while driving through an area of low service, or if a co-worker is having a bad day and is short tempered with me. Does life always have to be showing me something about myself? Is there really nothing that happens at random?
  4. When a woman’s body has been violated sexually or violently, there can be a transition into enjoying sex or intimacy again due to the trauma of their abuse. What would You recommend for women going through this to do in order to achieve a healthy sexual and intimate relationships once more?
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