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Webcast with Louix – 5 Mar 2020

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Louix begins with some toning… and then describes the importance of the silence after the toning has completed.

Questions Answered:

  1. Why do so few people take the opportunity of having a Guru when a Guru has so much to offer a chela?
  2. Is chasing an ecstatic sexual experience through tantra a distraction from the spiritual path?
  3. How does the ego factor into Enlightenment and Self realization?
  4. Amongst the enormous range of life forms, is an incarnation as a human being of particular significance?
  5. I have been in a committed relationship with my partner for 1 year. He is a wonderful, kind man who is a great father to his daughter and also loves mine. He has expressed his intention to marry me and has even started looking at houses for he and I and our daughters to live in. I had a lot of fear come up in me when he told me he had been looking for houses for us. I feel scared about how I am going to balance my commitment to him and our family, and my commitment to You and my spiritual family, and my journey with God. I believe the answer is to ensure I meditate each day and stay attuned to what God/Guru is asking of me in each moment. Also to keep my commitment to feeling–emoting regularly and staying on top of my emotional state. Then I will be more likely to make clear decisions based on what God wants for me rather than what I want for me. Is there any other advice you can offer me, Guruji?
  6. I have been feeling lost and depressed for a long time now (since 2012).  If I can get marijuana to dull things or change my perspective I am okay, but if not I have a long list of things that stresses me out. I have memories of so many things in my past that upset me, and I cry in the hope that the emotional release will make me feel better, but that does not work. I just feel worse that I am still crying about the same stuff which is not even relevant to my current problems.What else do I need to do to feel relief from this overwhelming depression?
  7. I struggled with a cold this week and know that it would have healed faster if I hadn’t watched violent and dark anime (cartoons). In my case, I did this because I was avoiding feeling deep grief and loss, and watching the anime kept me feeling numb. Why are people drawn to Darkness (books, movies, thoughts), even to the point of embracing demonic energies? How does one clear the darkness that they have embraced?
  8. Recently I have had the courage to embrace some of the pain I have had from past experiences, to be able to transmute it and let it go. While doing this I received revelations about why I had these circumstances in my life and have had memories come back to me. How is this type of healing different to someone who uses hallucinogens like ayahuasca, where in a drug-induced altered state they receive revelations and healing? How does having a Guru help with this type of healing? 
  9. Ultrasound has been in general use for checking on the health of a fetus since the 1980s. You have spoken previously on how stressful ultrasound is to a developing baby, as they can hear the sound while in utero. How does this experience affect a person as they grow older? Are they just more anxious generally due to a stressful experience at such a young age? Given that so many children in the population have been exposed to ultrasound now, how has this affected society as a whole?


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