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Webcast with Louix – 5 Apr 2018

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Louix begins with chanting Oms.

Questions Answered:

  1. My heart is in turmoil with the recent Las Vegas massacre and the many more massacres that have plagued the United States. I find myself being so upset and heartbroken with this issue, not only with the senseless act committed, but with the political side where it appears that any mention of gun control gets shot down–no pun intended– and that it is tearing me apart. I find myself feeling hopeless and judgemental with where humanity is at this point in evolution–especially in the US–feeling that we should be past “needing” guns at all. I know this hopelessness and judgement resides in me and I must heal that too, and I am trying to do inner work in that area. Please could you speak about:
    a) The reason why, as a collective consciousness, the U.S. has not been willing to take steps to impose gun control legislation or even look at what needs to be addressed in our culture overall.
    b) Why it seems there are many “conspiracies” that are brought forth with acts like this (i.e. people stating there was more than one shooter and that the exits were blocked, ISIS taking responsibility for the act, and some people calling the U.S. shooter a terrorist).
    c) What is the answer? What is the solution?
  2. In my early teen years I was very anxious and did not learn how to socialise very well, and I still struggle with social skills. How can I develop social skills and manners as an adult?  
  3. I notice that Your ashrams are often located in the midst of suburbia, and many of the disciples who live there have paid employment outside of the ashram. This is quite different from many other ashrams that are remote from cities, where often followers are not holding paid jobs whilst they are attending or living at the ashram. What is the reasoning behind Your style of ashram living?
  4. Often when I undertake an event that is very important to my spiritual growth I get confronted with a whole lot of temptations. For example, just before I completed an exam recently I had a  lot of people ask me out on dates in the lead up to the exam (which contrasted to the weeks prior with next to no dates at all). For other events I have been offered high paying casual work that would clash with a significant event (like when I choose to attend one of your retreats). Are these offerings a sign of resistance, or a sign of how significant an event they are (like the more significant the event the greater the temptations)? Is this a common theme for everyone when faced with choosing to do something significant/life changing in their lives?
  5. I have a son who I wish to take to a darshan event with Amma. My son’s mother fears cults and doesn’t want me to take him. I want to go crazy on her for not allowing me to take him to Darshan. I feel so much temptation to hate her, and all those who judge people who go to Darshan. I have a drug addiction, and don’t feel that I am a great dad. I feel like the only thing I have to give my son is to bring him before God. I feel like have nothing else to give. Please help me. What should I do?
  6. I feel slightly embarrassed with asking this question since I do not like this side of myself. I have struggled with feeling grateful for what I do have, and often find myself wishing I were rich, or had a lot more money. For example, I would like money to go on beach vacations, buy a house with a lake in the country, or visit other countries and travel, and experience all the beautiful and sacred places of the world, and all the sacred retreats. I just feel so trapped with the income I do have. Then I think of your stories of homeless people who are “blissed out” and extremely happy, and it makes me wonder, “How do I get there?” You mentioned that it may not be in a person’s dharma to be rich financially in this life, or to become enlightened. That makes sense, but I still struggle with understanding the concept because you have also mentioned our dreams come from God’s dreams for us–since, essentially, we are God. Will you please help me to understand this better?
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