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Webcast with Louix – 4 Feb 2016

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Introduction about the importance of the Master sharing stories about His training.

Questions Answered:

  1. How and when did your spiritual awakening happen?
  2. How did your friends and family react when you started your spiritual training and left your acting career behind? Did you experience any rejection?
  3. What are some of things that you were most attached to in your life, and how did you let them go? Was it easy for you?
  4. During your years of training, what was one of the most difficult things for you to give up?
  5. Can you please give examples and stories of some of the ways that your ego was re-trained and broken?
  6. I have heard some stories about some of big humblings you went through in your initiate training, could you share some of them?
  7. What was one of your most difficult initiations and how did you overcome it? 
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