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Webcast with Louix – 4 Dec 2014

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  1. Dear Pranananda, my question lies in the field of dualism and polarity. I feel that dualism has to do with the idea of separation from Source. If we know that nothing exists outside of Self, why do the polarity and dualism exist?
  2. My son just started his first week of school, and he is having a difficult time being away from me. How can I help make this experience easier for him? How can my husband and I give our children what they need when we both work long hours and the children are either in school or with a baby-sitter much of the time?
  3. I read somewhere Saint Germain’s quote about the change of the density of our electronic make up as we move onto our spiritual path and that is how we meet people and create new experiences, etc. Can you explain this in simpler terms?
  4. In my first meeting with You I asked You: “How do I get rid of these entities, who are with my husband?” You gave me great insights, awareness about myself, and helped me see what these entities were teaching me. Now I have attracted more people around me with entities clinging in their aura. My friend has negative entities with him. His young life has been very hard and difficult. I am, in every moment, surrendered to the Light inside of me, and I have never felt fear for entities. I only feel love and wish to serve a higher purpose. Is there a reason why I attract these people? Are these entities representing a part of me?
  5. I’ve been finding that chanting has brought my meditation and connection to the Divine to a whole new level. Is there any phrase or chanting technique that you would recommend for me that would amplify my experience? Also, in doing the chanting in meditation, I’ve noticed that my vibration gives off a certain audible tonality. Could you please explain what this is and why it happens?
  6. Could you please explain the concept of Grace?  I have heard You speak about it before, but I don’t feel that I understand it fully.
  7. I often feel scattered and stressed. How can I be more at peace within myself?
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