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Webcast with Louix – 28 Jan 2016

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Began with a meditation (Whole-being Purification)

Questions Answered:

  1. In many spiritual New Age circles I keep hearing people talk about how we are all One, that everything is connected. While I do understand the concept to a degree, I find it difficult to know what to do with it as it seems a little “pie in the sky.” Can you please elaborate how I can benefit from that principle and actually use it as a tool for my spiritual growth?
  2. Over the years I have gone to many seminars, spiritual retreats, self-empowerment conferences, etc… I have done many, spent thousands of dollars, and while I feel amazing doing them, empowered, and full of hope, it seems like the actual change or gains that I have made are small and negligible. I feel frustrated, hopeless, and depressed. Is there something wrong with me? Why is it that even the most famous speakers, authors, and teachers who have helped so many people have been unable to help me?
  3. I am struggling with a particular issue for which I ask Your guidance.
  4. My partner and I broke up a few months ago, primarily because there were certain “deal breakers” for me in the relationship that, until that time, I had chosen to ignore, but I could no longer because they affect me and my daughter. These are things that prevented us from moving forward in our relationship, so we chose to end the romantic relationship and remain friends. We both still have feelings of love for one another AND at the same time we know we are not to be together right now. 

    I feel afraid of losing him as a friend and companion, so have been holding onto him and continuing to keep my “hooks” in him (by sometimes acting flirtatiously, which I would not do if we were JUST friends)… and have avoided spending time with other men because it is just so comfortable with him and coupled with the fact that he has spoken that he would find it very difficult to be friends with me if I was seeing someone else. 

    How do I continue my friendship with this man who has given me so much and whom I love and have such gratitude for, yet stay open to allowing other men into my life that could result in a love relationship? It feels like I am being asked to take a leap of faith into the unknown and step out of my comfort zone…. I appreciate any advice you have for me. 

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