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Webcast with Louix – 23 Sep 2021

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Questions for Webcast

  1. I just got evicted, and I feel scared. What shall I do?
  2. Why is it my life feels like a blend of acceptance of God and resistance to God?
  3. Is it true that the Guru’s grace blesses others through his/her disciples?
  4. Why is it that chaos and mayhem often come at the start of new ventures?
  5. My dream is one life-long satsang. How can I stop getting pulled back into the maya?
  6. Why am I not having magical mystical experiences I see others having?
  7. Please describe the nature and importance of spiritual Discipline?
  8. Guruji, will you please help me improve my moral nature by holding me more accountable?
  9. What kind of agreements can one make with his/her Master?
  10. Dear Louix, will you please describe how the “Year of Beauty” played out for you?




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