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Webcast with Louix – 23 Jun 2016

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Questions Answered:

  1. How can someone conquer an irrational fear of small insects?
  2. Sometimes I love to talk to plants, animals, and trees but people seem to think there is something wrong with me. I try to tell them that they understand me, and that I can hear and feel them as well. Can you explain how that is possible?
  3. Why do Avatars and enlightened Masters go through painful initiations and rites of passage? I have read numerous stories of some of the crazy things they go through, including you. On the surface it does not seem very encouraging that the spiritual path can be perceived as being so difficult.
  4. Can you please talk about the concept of guardian angels and spirit guides. Are they real? What roles do they play in our lives? How can I connect with them more? And, lastly, do they stay the same throughout my entire life or can they change? Thank you.
  5. When I look at the coming and passing of the year 2000, and then 2012, both dates that had a lot of predictions about major earth changes on the planet and spiritual growth and evolution, it is obvious that nothing of great significance actually happened? Were all the mystics and prophets wrong? It seems that still so much change does need to happen? Do you have any comments that you can share about this topic?
  6.  I feel like I have trouble relating to my teenage son. Lately, it feels like there is a weird dynamic between us and I rarely know what to talk to him about. When I reflect upon my own childhood, my parents rarely interacted with me unless it was to refine me and I became very uncommunicative as a result. I tend to put on a persona when I am around people but struggle with how to be around him. When I try to be the caring parent it usually consists of superficial interactions with the same repetitive questions about school, friends, etc. Do you have any suggestions regarding how I can find a deeper and more authentic way of relating?
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