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Webcast with Louix – 21 Oct 2021

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Webcast Questions

  1. Why did God create us as flawed?
  2. How can I best provide for my child?
  3. Do you have any advice on any advice on how to deal with dust mites and allergies?
  4. Could you please share words of encouragement for people who are struggling with accepting their homosexuality.
  5. Do most people resist surrendering to God?
  6. What can I do to make my two year old stop crying so much?
  7. What is the best way to love life with The Beloved?
  8. As I continue to heal my wounds will I also grow to know the truth about my childhood?
  9. Do most people suffer from fear and stress?
  10. The 3 Keys to Attaining Long-Term Goals.
  11. How do I remove the walls I built to survive so that I can truly open my heart to others?



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