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Webcast with Louix – 21 Jan 2021

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Webcast Questions


Louix begins the webcast with pranic breathing. He continues with the pranic breathing using a Tibetan bowl to energize the breath (in his words to create a “prana bath”).

  1. Some of the gifts we receive by forgiving others.
  2. How can we choose to be compassionate towards our abusers?
  3. Does obedience bring us closer to God?
  4. Is it true that there is little chance of becoming God-realized without a Guru?
  5. The important role parents have in our soul journey.
  6. Is having a spiritual family at this time more important than ever?
  7. What is “psychic mopping”, why do people do it, and how does one overcome it?
  8. Why should I forgive my teacher for giving me a detention I did not deserve?
  9. How can couples maintain physical intimacy, while sharing their bedroom with their infants or toddlers?
  10. Should I continue to take medication for blood clotting in my legs?





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