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Webcast with Louix – 20 Aug 2020

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Webcast Questions

Louix begins with pranic breathing followed by toning. Louix then sits in silent meditation.

  1. Is it possible for an adult to re-parent and reprogram its own adolescent consciousness?
  2. A subscriber thanks Louix for his recent videos.
  3. How do I strengthen my boundaries so that I am not affected by others, even telepathically?
  4. Can you help me understand why I have always procrastinated and had difficulty finishing tasks and projects?
  5. What do you say about the idea of God as an old man with a beard sitting in the clouds?
  6. What is the best way to shift entrenched patterns of anger?
  7. Could you speak to the relationship between unconditional love and acceptance, and the need to set boundaries?
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