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Webcast with Louix – 20 Aug 2009

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Questions Answered:

  1. With so many different drinking waters now available to us (from rainwater, spring, mineral, etc) as well as all the different drinking containers. Which waters do you recommend and what are the safest containers in which to use on a day to day basis?
  2. After watching a DVD on healing cancer, which mainly focused on the damaging effects on our bodies of certain foods. Could you please explain on how our thoughts and unexpressed emotions also affect our bodies. And are all these things as important as each other on our health?
  3. What is an Avatar?
  4. Is it safe for children to be on a vegan or raw diet? If so, what supplements if any should they be taking?
  5. Recently I heard that foods with white sugar and white flour are harmful. Is this correct?
  6. Is it spiritual to buy lottery tickets?
  7. Is what happens in my life destiny, or is what happens based on my choices?
  8. Why do you have two names?
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