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Webcast with Louix – 2 Nov 2017

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Louix begins the webcast with a Pranic Breathing Exercise Technique.

Questions Answered:

  1. I am finding that the Year of Unity is playing out for me most in relation to parts of myself that I have previously not wanted to face; childhood, belief systems etc. Without trying, these things are coming to the surface to be faced and, I’m guessing, integrated back into myself. I feel like like this is going to help me love and accept myself more deeply. Is there anything more I can be doing to help this process along? Can You please talk about this process of facing and accepting parts of ourselves that we have disowned and judged?
  2. Should babies be vaccinated? If so, at what age.
  3. I have interest in Tantra and would like your opinion about how useful it is for spiritual practice.
  4. I know I want children someday, but struggle with feeling worthy or good enough. I sometimes feel I’m too broken to be a good mom. I do not even have kids yet and already feel they deserve better. Whenever I think of being the mom I yearn to be someday I feel that I’ll never be “healed” enough to give them a wonderful childhood. This breaks my heart… I just do not want to create a child who has to recover from their childhood, and who has to suffer due to my wounds. I want to be completely healed before I have kids but realize this may not be possible. What am I to do with this dilemma? Thank you and blessings to you!
  5. I have experienced a lot of instances of bullying in my life and am currently in the throes of dealing with this abuse, in this case in my workplace. I am speaking up about it and have addressed the individual who has been, and continues to bully me. I am now taking it to my bosses (for the second time…). Can You please guide me on how best to handle myself through this process?


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