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Webcast with Louix – 19 Sep 2013

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Questions Answered:

  1. Often throughout the day, I do not think to bless everyone and everything, all the time, as I know You advocate, however, I do bless each client I see at work every day. Often I ask that they receive Your blessing, blessings from their angels and guides, blessings from myself and some of my angels and guides, I ask that that they be filled with God’s love, light, and peace, and I envision this happening for them. Invoking these blessings is often the highlight of my day. I often feel the beings I call upon presencing themselves, and I feel love and very uplifted, so I know it is a very powerful practice. Can You please describe how blessing others uplifts us? Are there particular forms of blessing that You recommend?
  2. I have always been very close to my son. He had a son about a year ago now and I was helping him and his family in their new life with a newborn. All was going so well and I really loved being with my grandson. My son said that I was the only one that they trusted to look after their son, which was really nice to have their trust. Six months ago my son stopped allowing me to see my grandson, saying that he didn’t want me to influence his son with any of my spiritual beliefs. I know he doesn’t understand why I choose to follow my Guru and his teachings, but I do not understand how everything could change so quickly: from my son asking for my help and advice very frequently, to now, not wanting anything to do with me because of my spiritual life. He said all the problems that he is having now are because of how I brought him up. Could You please gift me some advice on what to do?
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