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Webcast with Louix – 19 Dec 2019

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Questions Answered:

  1. Dear Louix, as a disciple I have the ‘pot of gold’ in You, my Guru, and have a most precious gift. How does one make sure they don’t become complacent, lazy, and drop focus after years of studying with You?
  2. I keep hearing that women and men’s brains work differently. If this true please could you explain this concept further.
  3. In kinesiology I have kept being told that I have been surrogating for others. I now understand that I easily take other people’s emotions and assume or carry them. I have learned that individuals who have that propensity are called empaths. This surrogation happens without my being conscious of it even though I daily say the “Invocation of Archangel Michael”. Please could you give more detail about surrogating for others, and can you please suggest how I can best protect myself from taking on what is not mine?
  4. I had a wonderful experience upon meeting a new friend. On one occasion when we held hands and looked into each others eyes, I had memories of past lives flash through my mind, one after the other. There were 20 in total. They were vivid memories and it was beautiful to know that I had shared these with my new friend. What do you recommend I do with this information?
  5. What is required to become a disciple of yours?
  6. Please could you speak about the struggle of someone having with the belief of “not good enough”? Although I’ve been addressing this for quite some time through healing tools and processing, and trying to pull this belief out by its roots by affirming I am significant and worthy, it seems relentless. It is like an internal battlefield sometimes to just get to a place of peace within myself. It pops up everywhere… I am in my early 30s and feel I’ve made such little difference in the world. I feel I’m not fulfilling my purpose because it seems all I’m doing is having this internal conflict within myself again, and again. I do get to peace at times but it isn’t long before another scenario triggers this thought in me of being insignificant, not good enough, etc. I’d love your guidance with this.
  7. Please could you explain the difference between being attached to something (a person, object, or career etc.) or simply being focussed and pursuing one’s dreams, or what I feel in my heart I need to do?
  8. How do we handle life if we haven’t fulfilled our dreams?
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