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Webcast with Louix – 18 Oct 2018

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Louix begins with toning Oms.

Questions Answered:

  1. I have been desiring a stable committed, long-term relationship with a man for some time now. However, all I have created lately is a man who is only interested in a casual, sexual relationship, and another man who wants a committed, long-term relationship, but to whom I am not physically attracted. I have not been interested in pursuing either of these men–I am not the type of person who can enjoy a casual relationship without attachment, and, I also need to feel physically attracted to a potential suitor. I have looked at my intention in starting to date again at this time, and there is a big part of me right now that is lonely and wants to fill the void with a relationship, rather than be alone… Do You recommend that I stop attempting to date at this time, and, instead, focus on my relationship with myself, until I am happy with myself and content in my company, before dating again?
  2. What is the difference between a disciple and a devotee?
  3. I have seen many people in ashrams and monasteries who are very devoted to God, yet their non-loving  behaviours and attitudes don’t seem to change. I know healing can occur just from being devoted to God, yet what else is required to become fully healed?
  4. I know amazing healing can happen through prayer. What happens with the opposite, when someone sends negative energy (anger and hatred) towards someone else? What does it do to the sender and receiver? What karma is incurred from sending negative energy towards someone else?
  5. Some time ago I went to a meetup group called “Family Constellations”. It has to do with recognising the emotional baggage we take on from our parents and often it’s been carried on from many previous generations. The process to release the baggage we have been carrying is very simple, yet very powerful. It’s as easy as acknowledging experiences that happened in my childhood, speaking how I felt, and then giving the energy back to the parent or parents. Can I take back the baggage my children picked up from me and or my ex-husband? Or is it up to them to release the patterns themselves? And If I can take it back, how can I do this?
  6. I saw the movie “Love, Simon” after hearing your discourse about it and felt so glad You spoke about this wonderful movie and its impact. Could You please share more about this movie for all our viewers.
  7. I am avidly working on my health and fitness, and I am seeing and experiencing the benefits. However, I seem so slow to improve. What is Your advice please?
  8. My partner has a habit of checking messages on my phone, and opening my mail, without my permission. He sometimes keeps important mail from me and also gives away my personal items without my permission – often without my knowledge. He also empties my bank account to give money to others. If I restrict his access to my bank account he will become enraged and I feel I have no choice but to give him access again to restore some peace. I have talked to him about this to no effect, and he just does not seem to care that it upsets me. I had similar experiences when growing up where my mother would read my mail before giving it to me; and deliberately listen in on any phone conversation I had with my school friends. She would even interrupt and criticize my speech and grammar during these phone conversations. It reached a point where I could not and would not talk with friends on the phone while I was growing up in my parent’s home (it was such an awful experience). She would also read emails from my friends before me and delete those she deemed inappropriate. My parents did not give away my material possessions, but I often came home to find out my pets had been sold, killed, or given away.
    I feel at a loss with how to change these experiences with my partner. Speaking up has not helped. Is it unworthiness or lack of boundaries creating these experiences for me, or is it about control? Or something else? I would be grateful for Your help with this.


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