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Webcast with Louix – 17 Oct 2019

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Louix begins with Toning

Questions Answered:

  1. Are the paths to spirituality and material wealth mutually exclusive?
  2. Would you give some advice on how a couple can create practices that help cohesion when they share vastly different views?
    For example, my husband and I seem to be complete opposites in many areas. I am vegan and interested in creating meaningful spiritual practices such as meditation, intimacy through eye contact etc. Whereas he eats meat and is into watching tv, playing video games, and going to movies/concerts. We have compromised by switching off weekends where one partner chooses activities but he has been resistant to doing meditative and spiritual practices. I sometimes feel I’m trying to create an environment of more enriching ways of being by myself.  I know I should be more unconditionally loving and admit fear is getting in the way of that. I am fearful we are too different sometimes, and that it’ll create challenges for cohesion and harmony, especially if/when we have children.
    Please could you describe the best way to move through a situation such as this.
  3. I know Christians believe that salvation can only come through Jesus Christ. I  believe this statement is partially true as that it is only through grace from one’s Guru that one can become truly enlightened. Please could you comment on this.
  4. I am having some issues with my sister I am not sure how to resolve. Years ago I thought I was having a massive spiritual awakening, but instead my sister had me committed to a psychiatric ward. Do I need to accept that I was having a psychiatric episode and they were right to lock me up from my kids? I still feel like I was lied to and treated unfairly. My mental health has been fragile since then and I have never forgiven my sister for doing this.
  5. My beloved, You can see into my heart, all that I love, all that motivates me and brings a myriad of emotion, but can you see through my eyes? Can you see the frozen, swollen creek and hear the water against the ice, and feel the chill through my body? Can you experience the physical if I call you while I sit by the flowing waters? I ask because I yearn to share with you what I see and feel around me.
  6. Some Christians believe that we are born sinners, and that it is more difficult to serve good rather than evil. My belief is that the idea of original sin is not correct, and that we are born pure, in God’s image, and that love is our true nature. Wouldn’t it make sense, then, that acting out of love is easier for a person than acting out of fear (or evil)?
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