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Webcast with Louix – 17 Nov 2011

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Questions Answered:

  1. I have heard You talk about ‘stepping on a rake and feeling the thwack of the rake handle hitting one in the forehead.’ How can I address my issues pro-actively without having to create stepping on rakes?
  2. I read in the newspaper that there is no scientific evidence that links the playing of violent computer games and acts of violence, even though the gunman that recently killed so many people in Norway admitted to “training” on violent computer games. Would you please describe/explain what effects occur from playing these games?
  3. Over and over I have read/hear that men have a natural tendency and are more inclined to affairs (sexual relations outside the partnership they are currently in) because of the way their hormone system works. Is it true or is it just an easy excuse for men to betray their partners?
  4. I am a supporter of ‘monogamous’ relationships and the longer my last relationship lasted, the clearer it was that my partner had a desire for sexual partners outside our relationship. Just thinking about his affairs and thinking about ‘modern/open’ relationships (polygamous relationships, partner/s having more than one sexual partner) causes a huge emotional charge in me – fear of losing the partner, survival fears, possessiveness, jealousy, control, insecurity, feelings of betrayal, hurt, issues with boundaries… Would You please address betrayal and ‘open relationships,’ and give me Your advice? I would appreciate Your guidance.
  5. I have had difficulty in maintaining self-confidence and allowing myself to be successful in my business and many other areas. I have found it difficult, if not impossible, to complete projects and I find myself procrastinating. Why do I behave this way?
  6. I’ve heard about female circumcision. Why do people do this? What can be done to stop this practice?
  7. Sometimes I feel huge waves of anger and rage surface within me. In the acknowledgment of how I feel, the intensity of these feelings can dissipate without me doing anything. It is not always appropriate to deal with these feelings in that exact moment and yet afterwards, when I have the time and space, I can find it hard to access them. How do I ensure I am dealing with what has surfaced and transmuting this anger when I no longer feel it?
  8. Could You please explain what is the difference between astral traveling and dream state traveling?
  9. My friend began using drugs heavily, and I fear for his safety.  I would like to be there for him, but I cannot be around his drug use.  Is there a way that I can still be his friend, and how do I talk to him about his drug use?
  10. I have recently began to understand that much of my difficulty in life, especially in my career, stems from a deep feeling that I do not want to work, and certainly not work hard. I cannot seem to shake this feeling no matter what I do, and now I have no job and am suffering greatly as a result.  I cannot even bring myself to look for another job, because this feeling has become so strong.  What should I do?
  11. What should I do when the person I am speaking with projects her anger at me? And what steps do we need to do to resolve something that we both do not agree on.
  12. When I sing songs to You I sometimes experience huge laughing or crying fits (which I love). I feel big waves of shakti course through my body which I find very healing. How can I consistently allow these types of experiences to occur?
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